Let's suppose that you go shopping and send a letter by post. At the store you discover that you don't have enough cash on you, and they don't accept credit cards.

So you leave in search for an ATM, return to the store, buy the items you need, and on your way back you drop by the post office, where you realize that you forgot to take the letter with you... Since it is an urgent matter and the letter must be sent today, you don't walk back home but take the bus. You leave your shopping, grab the letter, take the bus again to the post office where a huge line makes you wait for quarter of an hour. When it's over you run home, because a plumber is to show up any minute now, where has all that time gone?...

Do you recognize days like that? If so, there is a lot you should learn about time and business management. Let us sum up the unfortunate morning: the fact that you lacked cash and didn't have the letter with you made things last much longer than they should have, plus you had to pay extra for the bus ticket. Of course, in the end all you had planned was carried out, but... all could've been done in a quicker, better and more efficient way.

The above example of not fully coordinated actions doesn't generate significant losses. In case of manufacturing companies any of the following - unnecessary transportation, longer time of storage or inefficient human resources management - induces substantial costs to the company. Costs which are unnecessary, therefore - precisely speaking - they are simply losses caused by employee's negligence or carelessness. Sometimes, only by taking small actions, the company's structure and management can be changed in such a way, that no additional costs are generated.

A special methodology was developed for manufacturing, called Lean Management, which enables to individually analyze processes, and later reduce all unnecessary expenses.

In Lean Management we first ask - what do you want to achieve?
Then - how do you do it?
Finally - why does it take so long and is so expensive?
By answering the above questions, Lean Management is able to offer effective solutions suitable for particular circumstances.




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