Internal Logistic

Internal Logistic

Standardizing method for delivery of raw materials, spare parts and materials from the main warehouse or from other production processes. Efficient planning of transport pathways and organization of warehouse, storage spaces, production stillage.

Step 1 Analysis of the demand for materials purchased to a line/work cell.
Step 2 Design of planning method for interrelated processes (KANBAN, shifted sequential production plan)
Step 3 Determination of material supply route
Step 4 Calculation of the time needed for loading and unloading of materials transported by the medium of transport (trolley operated manually or automatically)
Step 5 Definition of the way for material ordering
Step 6 Designing medium of transport (trolley)


The benefits

The relevant products (material, raw material, semi-finished products) are delivered to the right place at the production in the right quantity and the right time.




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