Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping was first developed by Toyota. It's a pictograph showing a process and identyfying all problems and waste occuring in it.

Step 1 Drawing a map of actual status of a discussed area.
Step 2 Creating an ideal map of the same process with no waste taking place.
Step 3 Defining a plan of changes to be implemented in order to get as close as possible to the ideal process flow.



  • Each step of the described process is made visible and analysed
  • Human resoureces, materials, delays and time of realization of a Customer's order are analysed
  • A vision of future improved process shows clearly how changes should be introduced
  • This tool compares one to one the actual status and the ideal one
  • VSM helps understand and see the flow of people, information and equipment


VSM - where can be used

Trade, Distribution, Insurance Industry, Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing.




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