Review “SCRUM Or How to do twice as much twice as fast”

For those who don’t yet know that historians, looking back at human development, will draw a dividing line between the time before Scrum and after Scrum, we recommend Jeff Sutherland’s book.

Why is it worth looking into? Because he discusses this cutting-edge tool with an indication of its global impact in terms of improving work efficiency. Through this reading you will learn about the possibilities of Scrum. The system of significant accountability, team interaction and continuous iterative improvement created by Jeff has brought the FBI into the 21st century, influenced the improvement of a design that burns 2.8 l/100 km and reaches 225 km/h for a low-cost car, changed the way pharmacists interact with patients, and even influenced poverty reduction in Third World countries!

You can always do things better, more efficiently, faster, that is, according to the lean concept – give it a try!