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Internal logistics

Internal logistic

Standardise how raw materials, parts and materials are delivered from the warehouse or from other production processes.

Effective planning of transport paths and how to organise the warehouse, storage areas, production racks.

Carry out an analysis of the demand for materials purchased for the production line/slot

Designing a way of planning interrelated processes (KANBAN, shifted sequential production plan)

Determination of the material delivery route

Calculation of the time needed for loading and unloading of materials transported by a carrier (manually or automatically operated forklift)

Defining how to order material

Carry out an analysis of the material requirements for the line

  1. Amount of material in circulation.
  2. Amount of material needed per shift
  3. Definition of high runners
  4. Time taken to consume material.
  5. Time needed to prepare the material.
  6. The path to be taken by the butterfly and the transition time.
  7. Time taken to work the butterfly.
  8. Define the space needed.

And most importantly, define how the material is to be delivered to the sites. Will it be forklifts, pallet trucks or maybe AGVs?


The right products (raw material, material, semi-finished products) are delivered to the right place in production in the right quantity and at the right time.

  • No downtime
  • The right amount of material in production
  • No material returns to stock
  • Transparent material ordering system
  • Efficient order picking
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