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for businesses seeking efficient and effective solutions, as well as optimization of their operations. Lean Idea is a strong team of experienced experts. In close collaboration with employees, we find the simplest ways to save time and money and better utilize resources in an accessible way.

Our goal is to prepare and implement solutions that bring profit and real organizational changes, thus allowing for further independent development of the company.

We implement tools and ideas that are a response to the real needs of your company.

Synergy of Solution Creation

Implementing tools and ideas in close collaboration with employees

Holistic Approach

A broad perspective of employee-team-company-environment during solution generation.

Working with us

How do we operate?

Conversation with employees of the company combined with an analysis of efficiency indicators. Identification of areas for observation, changes, and improvements. Determination of critical process points, biggest challenges, and concerns.

Your tasks to prepare:

  • determination of the team composition for joint action (our proposal is: area director together with people responsible for continuous improvement,
  • preparation of documents – company layout along with organizational structure, performance results (OEE)

duration – 4 hours

Identification of the goal and scope of future actions in response to customer needs.

Preparation time – 2 to 6 days

Clearly defined: subject matter and duration of the contract, confidentiality and copyright rules, jointly agreed and accepted framework schedule and price, additional provisions of both parties.

Duration – 1 day

An independent, expert look at the current situation of the company. Its implementation is optional, depending on the client’s wishes, but it adds value to the development of the implementation plan.

Duration – 5 to 14 days

Conducting a cycle of KAIZEN workshops according to the schedule. Implementation of solutions that will eliminate problems reported by the client or defined in the audit. Unleashing the potential of the company.

Duration – 3 to 18 months

A follow-up meeting is held 6 months after the implementation to check the maintenance of the effects of the conducted workshops.

Duration – 4 hours

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