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Senior Lean Expert

Alicja Domachowska

+48 607 86 49 85

and engagement
  • for over 20 years, she has been conducting implementation workshops on production lines and in service companies.
  • she has perfected her knowledge and skills in Lean Management as a member of Yoshinobu Yamada’s team, a global consultant for process improvement, known for his 25 years of work at Toyota overseeing Kaizen projects.
  • her experience includes leading projects to improve production systems for companies in the automotive, food, electronics, shipbuilding, welding, printing, packaging, as well as in industries related to transportation and coordination.
  • she has conducted hundreds of training sessions and workshops, created visions for the development of enterprises, long-term LM strategies, including new departments for companies.
  • she worked in an international environment in Poland and Western Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Portugal), in various project teams.
  • she introduces new projects and tools, analyzing real needs of the companies, selecting tools with a focus on measurable effects; during implementations, she particularly adheres to the “learning by doing” principle.
  • her actions are characterized by attentiveness in communication with production employees during discussions in the change process and openness to their needs in the pursuit of understanding complex issues.
  • in her practice, she efficiently uses the KAIZEN methodology, among others, when implementing production improvements.
  • as an advisor, she is particularly focused on easy-to-implement and cost-free solutions.
  • in her work, she combines the Lean Management and Scrum methodologies in managing production processes.