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Optimization in the office

LEAN Management in the office and services

A Japanese project for the internal organisation of a company. It is based on cyclical action according to always the same pattern.

Understanding customer needs and defining processes

Simplifying the work

Creating a work instruction and placing it in a visible place 

Continuous improvement, staff development

Translate previously implemented actions into habits

Step 1: Stabilization

Understanding the client’s needs – defining the client’s needs, documenting them, and doing training for staff.

Defining processes – often only some people know the details of how a process should be done and they do not share this with other staff. Results vary depending on who is implementing the process.

Step 2: Standardization

Standardisation, which is the rationalisation or simplification of work that results in a reduction in process variability. Standardisation helps to identify non-standard events.

Step 3: Visualization

Putting work instructions and prioritisation rules in a visible place. Visualisation facilitates continuous improvement.

Step 4: Continuous improvement

Improvement of the work performed and continuous staff development – to maintain and improve the system.


  • Increased flexibility in responding to change
  • Better use of resources
  • Improved levels of customer service and satisfaction
  • Increased predictability of the time needed for implementation
  • Improved communication and knowledge of current activities among employees
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