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A way of thinking

The process leading to the creation of new products and services

At its center is the human being and his or her needs. It is based on needs that the most viable business model can be created, given the technology available.

  • people
  • technology
  • money

Principles of Design Thinking

Putting ourselves in the place of the user and their needs

Looking for answers to questions

The phase involving the use of brainstorming method.

Determining how to try out the solution

We ask – we listen – we correct

Phase 1. Empathy

The most inspiring sources of new, innovative solutions, products and services can be found in the user’s needs.

To understand the user, we conduct an interview. Interview principles:

  • Prepare the questions
  • Tell us about the purpose of the interview
  • Create a friendly atmosphere
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Ask about motivation and habits
  • Listen to
  • Record the interview
  • Never ask directly

Phase 2. Diagnosis of needs

This is the stage where we look for answers to the questions:

  • What was most important to the person during the interview?
  • What did he/she talk about most often?
  • Where did emotions emerge?

Answer to the design challenge:

  1. How could we help ……. (persona)…..(need)
  2. So that …….. (comparison, analogy)

Phase 3. Generation of ideas


  1. Everyone writes down their idea on a piece of paper
  2. We go for quantity
  3. We build on associations
  4. We do not judge
  5. We do not discuss if we can
  6. We talk about ideas out loud

Selection of ideas:

  1. Voting – each person can vote for three ideas
  2. Grouping into categories
  3. Selection of one idea from four categories:
    • Rational choice
    • Enthusiastic
    • Team player
    • Long-runner – with development potential
  4. Based on criteria agreed with the client

Phase 4. Prototyping

2D prototypes

  • Comic strip – storyboard e.g. outlining what the service will look like
  • Moodboard
  • Diagram

3D prototypes

  • Spatial mock-ups
  • Physical prototypes
  • LEGO


  • Role-playing
  • Storytelling

Phase 5. Testing

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