Manufacturer of mechanical parts


Automotive and aerospace


12 weeks




To evaluate process efficiency

The client was a solution developer and manufacturer of mechanical parts. Massive experience, wide range of products and high quality production, very rich machinery and technology.

Audited areas:

  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • Planning
  • Changeover
  • Internal logistics
  • Layout
  • Managerial competencies
  • Organizational structure
  • Quality assurance
  • Manufacturing technology and machinery
  • Warehouse
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  1. Observation of all management and operational processes in the enterprise.
  2. Analysis of performance, cost and quality data and verification of the use of company resources.
  3. Assessment of potential and identification of areas where improvements can be made.
  4. Recommendations of actions, implementation schedule, estimation of costs and return on investment.
  5. Report and presentation of the results, substantive conversation showing the direction of action to implement improvement activities reducing costs and improving the company’s operations.


Return on investment of recommended solutions
12 months

The audit was information and verification of the current state for the client, which was our main goal. On the other hand, it was also an inspiration and a driving force for action for many people in the audited areas. Already during the audit, employees picked up on the idea of continuous improvement and began to implement simple solutions. The complete report delivered later became a manual for managers, so to speak. It set priorities for action, needed time and resources for implementation, and specified how to measure the effectiveness of implemented actions. Confirmation that we had done a good audit was our company's recommendation to another client.