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The role of organization communication

The process of communication is essential to the establishment, development, and survival of any form of organization. In Lean Management, the effectiveness of a company’s operations is linked to the quality of internal communication, i.e., that which occurs between employees of a company. Effective communication allows employees to realize their full potential. In contrast, poor communication effectiveness can be the source of many conflicts and problems.

Table of contents

  1. Objectives and functions of communication in the company
  2. Effective communication – or what kind of communication?
  3. Benefits of effective communication in the company

1. Objectives and functions of communication in the company

The main purpose of communication in an organization is to provide employees with all the information they need to perform their tasks properly and to enable them to work together. However, communication is not just about providing information, as it should also fulfill such goals as motivating employees, developing organizational culture and values, increasing the degree of integration of company employees, and shaping the spirit of the organization, among others.

Communication in an organization performs several crucial functions, among which the most frequently mentioned are the informational, integrative, control, motivational and emotional functions. The first of these is to provide the information necessary to make decisions or coordinate activities. The integrative function is defined as linking all units of an organization into a single whole. This can be achieved by proper synchronization of certain activities. The control function is the clear definition of tasks, responsibilities, authority, which enable control, for example, in the form of evaluation of the work performed by subordinates, and, more importantly, providing feedback on the above evaluation. The motivational function is used to encourage employees to pursue the organization’s goals, and the emotional function is used to allow people to express their own opinions, ideas, and feelings.

2. Effective communication – or what kind of communication?

The effectiveness of the company’s communication process involves the fulfillment of several, basic rules, and procedures. First, employees should be familiar with the channels and tools of information transfer used in the company, and these channels should be as short and direct as possible.
Moreover, managers should adapt their management style to the psychological aspects of communication (e.g., information that corresponds to personal needs and values is more easily accepted and acknowledged). Effective communication also involves:

  • considering the role of the recipient in the communication process – that is, adapting the message conveyed to the perceptual capabilities, knowledge, experience, or information needs,
  • transparency of the message, credibility, which is the convergence of the organization’s goals with the behavior of its members,
  • consistency with the organizational culture, which has a significant impact on the formation of interpersonal relations and determines the patterns of communication in the organization.
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3. Benefits of effective communication in the company

Why should you take care of a smooth communication process in your company? First, it improves daily work – it allows you to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively, makes the flow of information more efficient. In addition, it helps in solving problems or conflicts that have arisen, strengthens cooperation, trust, loyalty and affects the atmosphere at work. A sense of understanding among employees causes them to identify with the company, its goals, and values.

In conclusion, it is worth remembering that without communication, there is no organization. For an organization to operate effectively, and for cooperation between employees to proceed without problems and conflicts, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the communication process. Effective communication within the organization both supports the creativity and commitment of employees and affects the company’s competitive position in the market. Let’s act in accordance with the Lean concept!

As a company, we use the tools of lean techniques to study the flow of communication within the company and within departments. We evaluate the effectiveness of the message, its speed and reliability of the data, and then conduct implementation workshops and lean training. Invite us for a lean audit on information flow.