Automation of office processes – Lean Office

Technological development has been noticeable for many years, dragging with it many changes in various fields. Companies wishing to grow, to achieve success, must constantly adapt to the changing external environment in which they operate

Digital transformation is becoming increasingly common – the robot is gaining ground in the 4.0 revolution phase. But how does it work, what does it consist of, and what aspects should you keep in mind when you want to apply it to your enterprise? We answer these and many other questions in the rest of the article.

Table of Contents

  1. What is office process automation?
  2. In which office areas is robotization worth applying?
  3. What should be kept in mind?

1. What is office process automation?

Simply put, it is a new phenomenon that more and more entrepreneurs are facing. It can be defined as the answer to all the challenges of companies operating in a constantly changing market. It also helps in building an adequate competitive position, as without it companies would not be able to develop adequate business value. However, it primarily relies on using the skills and abilities of robots to perform work that was previously the task of humans. It should be noted, however, that the implementation of automation in office processes does not translate into a reduction of employees – quite the opposite!


2. In which office areas is robotization worth applying?

Modern robots in the office process help solve a variety of problems. As in manufacturing processes, they are used for simple, monotonous, tedious work, where attention to detail is needed, and for tasks prone to human error. The areas in which robotization is worth applying are many, as it can be used for various tasks, such as:

  • Accounting/finance, among other things, will be used to create documents, report, send salaries or control transfers
  • HR, including publication of job advertisements, collection and selection of documents, cost reporting from various business trips
  • Logistics, including shipment tracking, the order or return process and contacting contractors
  • Banking, such as facilitating the use of an account, ordering operations, payments or also generating various documents

The above are only examples of areas using office process automation. It is worth remembering that it is even a necessary technological solution for continuous development. It translates into more favorable working conditions, and above all, it improves the functioning of the entire organization in accordance with the principles of the Lean Management concept.

3. What should be kept in mind?

First of all, a person who plans to implement robotization must realize the resulting risks. From the very beginning, one has to face the expenses associated with the investment and its implementation in the company, which translates into the risk of fear of change among employees. Therefore, it is important to also be able to manage the change properly. In addition, you also need to pay attention to customers who may show reluctance when encountering a chatbot on the first line of contact with the company.

However, there is no doubt that automation of office processes is a modern solution that helps to improve the operation of the entire enterprise, eliminate errors and even improve the quality of services performed. Therefore, companies should take an interest in this aspect!