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LEAN MANAGEMENT – Why is it worth it?

An investment in the concept of Lean Management can be compared to buying an energy-saving light bulb. A one-time expense pays for itself in a certain period of time, plus we are aware that this change will positively affect the condition of the environment. The most important thing is the willingness to implement changes and the first step.

Table of Contents

1. What is the concept of Lean Management?

The whole process of implementing Lean Management tools and techniques involves significantly reducing the cost of producing added value for the customer by rationalizing employment, production space, finances involved in production, capital expenditures or time. The concept of Lean Management emphasizes the need to eliminate waste and use such forms of organization so that the effectiveness and efficiency of the company are not reduced.

2. Why use Lean Management?

Why is it worth it? Through definitive transformations in the area of organization, management and operation, an enterprise has the opportunity to achieve high efficiency, efficient organization and management, high quality production and services and satisfactory economic results in order to adapt the enterprise to current market conditions.

3. Tangible benefits at various levels

The introduction of the tools offered by Lean Management brings tangible and concrete benefits on many levels:


  • Improves the company’s bottom line by eliminating waste.
  • Reduces losses in every plane and level of the company’s operation.
  • Helps achieve high manufacturing and labor productivity.


  • Enables flexible response to customer needs and wishes.
  • Significantly improves the quality of production and services, which increases customer satisfaction.


  • Gives stronger motivation to employees and allows them to identify with the company’s successes.
  • With better communication between managers and subordinates, it raises awareness of the purposefulness of activities and results in greater employee involvement.


  • Increases the competitiveness of the company.
  • Improves management of the organization.
  • Reduces decision-making time.
  • Orientates the work culture of the entire company towards improvement and innovation.